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Monday Manna is a weekly edition with normal day by day situations in our working place, and always based in the Bible.

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Monday Manna - Setting Goals For More Than Rewards

February 18th 2018

Monday Manna - Finding Peace in the Midst of Change

February 11th 2018

Monday Manna -  The Benevolence of Burden-Bearing

February 4th 2018

Monday Manna -  The Benevolence of Burden-Bearing

February 4th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*February 5, 2018*// *Twenty years at service to the world’s business community*/  *The Benevolence of Burden-Bearing* *  /By Rick Boxx/*  One day during a period of some difficult changes at work, I asked an employee how she was doing. She responded that she was fine. I looked her in the eyes and said, “No. How are you really doing?” I could see from her demeanor that the upheaval at our business was taking a negative toll on her. The next morning, with tears in her eyes, this em ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna - The Mission Field – Closer than You Think

January 28th 2018

Monday Manna - Painful, Yet Redemptive Relationships

January 23rd 2018

Monday Manna - Each One of us Is "Interim"

January 14th 2018

Monday Manna -  The Enduring Value of Wisdom

January 7th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*January 8, 2018*/ /*Twenty years at service to the world’s business community*/  *The Enduring Value of Wisdom* * /By Rudolfs Dainis Smits/* /Aristotle says that the aim of education is to make the pupil like and dislike what he ought – C.S. Lewis/ According to this quote, values we need are taught to prepare us for life, business and professional careers. Sadly, in many instances this is no longer true. Harvard University (originally New College), founded in 1636, is America’s oldest corpor ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  Building a Values - Based Business

December 31st 2017

*MONDAY MANNA* /*January 1, 2017*/ /*Twenty years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Building a Values - Based Business* */By Rick Boxx/* One of the most underestimated tools for any successful business enterprise is the foundation of values upon which it has been built. If a company’s goal is simply to make high profits, to close a lot of any sales, or even to deliver huge quantities of products or services, it can lead to problems with the end serving to justify the means. For instance, if the objecti ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  A Toast to The New Year – And The Old One

December 24th 2017