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Monday Manna is a weekly edition with normal day by day situations in our working place, and always based in the Bible.

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Monday Manna - Making Your Mark Through Mentoring, Part 1

February 17th 2019

*MONDAY MANNA* /*February 18, 2019*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Making Your Mark Through Mentoring, Part 1* *By Robert J. Tamasy* “I want to make a difference.” Have you ever made this statement? It is a thought many of us have expressed, whether in public or at least to ourselves. Whether you are a Baby Boom generation member on the back end of your career, or a Millennial just getting a start in the workplace, this is a desire many of us share. The question is, how do we make ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna - ‘Re-Potting’ Time, Professionally or Personally?

February 10th 2019

*MONDAY MANNA* /*February 11, 2019*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *‘Re-Potting’ Time, Professionally or Personally?* *By Jim Mathis** * Growing healthy plants is not always an easy proposition. Poor flowering, quickly dried out soil, stunted leaves and stems, and even dropped leaves are signs of distress. Plants give these signals because they are not able to draw enough nutrients and moisture from their current root situation. Often the solution is a simple matter of transplanting ...Continue Reading

Monday Mann - Importance of Perfect Timing

February 3rd 2019

*MONDAY MANNA* /*February 4, 2019*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Importance of Perfect Timing* By Rick Boxx A lot of things go into the realization of success in business: Quality workmanship and service. Execution of a novel idea. Effective leadership and direction. Those, for the most part, are factors we can manage. One factor, however, that we often overlook is timing. Especially, perfect timing. In his book, /When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,/ Daniel Pink addres ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  How to Turn Routine Work Into Showtime

January 27th 2019

*MONDAY MANNA* /*January 28, 2019*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *How to Turn Routine Work Into Showtime* *By Robert J. Tamasy* The majority of people, according to studies, muddle through the workday with all the enthusiasm of someone watching paint dry. For them, the words “work” and “necessary evil” are synonymous. But is this the way it should be? Recently I read an article about a fellow named Fred, a grocery store checkout clerk. Buying items at Fred’s lane is a dazzling expe ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna - The Tension Between Working And Waiting

January 20th 2019

*MONDAY MANNA* *January 21, 2019* *Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community* *The Tension Between Working And Waiting* *By Ken Korkow* When I was growing up, my mother often said, "All good things come to he who waits – so long as he who waits, works like heck while he waits." Yes, my mom and dad were both focused and driven. They had survived the Great Depression and did not want anyone in their own family to have those experiences. Therefore, the values and virtues of hard work – even ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  What Will You Remember 20 Years From Now?

January 13th 2019

*MONDAY MANNA* /*January 14, 2019*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *What Will You Remember 20 Years From Now?* *By Jim Mathis** * The magazine ad for Lufthansa Airlines asked, "What moments will you still remember in 20 years?" As I showed it to my wife, she and I agreed that the things we had done earlier in the year would still be fresh in our minds 20 years from now. That included spending a week in Paris, followed by a photography trade show in Germany. Our next questi ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna - Perils of Miscommunication

January 6th 2019

*MONDAY MANNA* /*January 7, 2019*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Perils of Miscommunication* By Rick Boxx There is a simple principle that underscores a common pitfall in communications: “It is not what you say – it is EXACTLY what you say.” Failing to observe this can cause significant, even disastrous problems in business, as well as for relationships, as I learned all too clearly at an event I was overseeing. It was a major business luncheon for our organization, and the event h ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna - Pondering And Preparing Proper Plans

December 30th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*December 31, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Pondering And Preparing Proper Plans* *By Robert J. Tamasy* What are your plans for 2019? Are you wanting to grow your business? Do you desire a promotion, or to find a new, more rewarding job? Maybe you want to make a complete career change? Or perhaps your greatest aspiration is to become an improved version of you? As another calendar year reaches its conclusion, it is time for many of us to again engage in two t ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  Focusing on The Gift – And The Giver

December 23rd 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*December 24, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Focusing on The Gift – And The Giver* *By Robert J. Tamasy* With another Christmas just the wink of an eye away, most of us are filled with expectations. These expectations, of course, are based upon how we perceive the annual holiday. For many, it marks the end of the calendar year, a time for seasonal parties and events, and perhaps a chance to take a break from day-to-day workplace demands. For some, Christmas is ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna - Shake it off and Step up

December 16th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*December 17, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Shake it off and Step up* *By Jim Mathis** * I was having breakfast with some friends when one of them mentioned a co-worker who was always having bad things happen. He had been suspended from work because he was late too many times. He was late because he ran out of gas. He ran out of gas because his fuel gauge didn't work. Presumably, he could not afford to get the fuel gauge repaired because he was suspended fr ...Continue Reading