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Monday Manna is a weekly edition with normal day by day situations in our working place, and always based in the Bible.

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Monday Manna - Compassion For "The Least of These"

December 9th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*December 10, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Compassion For "The Least of These"* By Austin Pryor With Christmas fast approaching, churches and Christian relief organizations are encouraging us to have a charitable and giving spirit toward the poor. This is good. But may I suggest that care should be taken so the breadth of our compassion is neither too broad on the one hand nor too narrow on the other? How can it be too broad? Many Christians use Je ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna - Pitfalls of the ‘Peter Principle’

December 2nd 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*December 3, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Pitfalls of the ‘Peter Principle’* By Rick Boxx Years ago, the business world became captivated by a book called /The Peter Principle, /authored by Dr. Laurence J. Peter. The book focused on an common pitfall of leadership advancement: If we continually promote high performers, we will eventually advance them to a level of incompetence. In other words, success in one level of endeavor does not guarantee success in le ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  Conforming - Or Being Transformed?

November 25th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*November 26, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Conforming - Or Being Transformed?* *By Jim Langley* Have you noticed how easily we get caught up in doing things the way our culture dictates, becoming squeezed into the world’s mold? We find almost everyone conforming to the current trends, adopting the behaviors, values and beliefs endorsed by the entertainment media, popular books, the Internet and social media. In 1977, a popular song rose to the top of the m ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  Giving Thanks – For Everything

November 18th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*November 19, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Giving Thanks – For Everything* *By Robert J. Tamasy* Traditionally, the observance of Thanksgiving Day in the United States takes place on the fourth Thursday in November. That means this year it is being celebrated on Nov. 22, the earliest it is ever held. That means two things: the so-called “Christmas season,” which spans Thanksgiving to Christmas day, is at maximum length; and the formal holiday gives us a hea ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  The Power of "Listenership"

November 11th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*November 12, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *The Power of "Listenership"* *By Jim Mathis* When my wife and I sold our custom photo lab in 1996 and joined the staff of CBMC, my adviser, Ted Hubbard, an attorney and judge from England, gave us a five-year plan. He offered some sage advice, recommending I do nothing the first year but listen, meeting with as many people as I could and hearing what was on their hearts. The second year, Ted said, I shou ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna - What Successful Executives do Differently

November 4th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*November 5, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *What Successful Executives do Differently* *By Rick Boxx* Leadership consultant Ron Carucci, appearing in a Harvard Business Review video, claims that 50-60 percent of executives fail in their first executive role. Because of this, Carucci studied successful executives to find what they did differently from those who did not succeed. He discovered four key factors. The first factor is Breadth. New executives tend t ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  Time: Friend or Foe?

October 28th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*October 29, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Time: Friend or Foe?* *By Robert J. Tamasy** * In the business and professional world, as well as other areas of life, time is somewhat of a paradox. When facing an inflexible deadline, time seems to move incredibly fast, escalating our stress levels. But when we are anxiously awaiting an important decision – perhaps a job promotion, or a potential client deciding whether to sign a contract – the pace of time can se ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna - Being a Person of Positive Influence

October 21st 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*October 22, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *Being a Person of Positive Influence* *By Jim Langley* Several years ago I attended a CBMC conference where the keynote speaker was Dr. Tim Elmore, a best-selling author, international speaker, and president and founder of Growing Leaders, a non-profit that helps emerging leaders, with the belief that each person is born with leadership qualities. Elmore offered nine principles he considers critical in the mentoring ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  The Virtue of Exceeding Expectations

October 14th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*October 15, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ *The Virtue of Exceeding Expectations* *By Robert J. Tamasy* Often people in business deal with a temptation to do the bare minimum, to satisfy the requirements but not go the “extra mile” in serving the customer, the supplier, or even the employee. Such thinking, however, can be very short-sighted. Not to mention self-centered, rather than others-centered. Contrary to this type of approach to business, I have been de ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna -  The Underappreciated Gift of Rest

October 7th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*October 8, 2018*/ /*Twenty-one years at service to the world’s business community*/ /*The Underappreciated Gift of Rest*/ By Sergio Fortes Recently I spent an entire Saturday at home doing…nothing. I had planned to go to the beautiful park of the small Brazilian town where I live, and stroll among its giant trees, lakes, and open areas where some families enjoy friendly picnics. For some reason, I could not do any of this. Sloth – you might call it laziness, or spiritual apathy and inactivity – took h ...Continue Reading