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Monday Manna -  Perilous Pitfalls of Pride

March 11th 2018

Monday Manna -  Understanding the Times

March 4th 2018

Monday Manna - Being "Here To Serve"

February 25th 2018

Monday Manna - Setting Goals For More Than Rewards

February 18th 2018

Monday Manna - Finding Peace in the Midst of Change

February 11th 2018

Monday Manna -  The Benevolence of Burden-Bearing

February 4th 2018

Monday Manna -  The Benevolence of Burden-Bearing

February 4th 2018

*MONDAY MANNA* /*February 5, 2018*// *Twenty years at service to the world’s business community*/  *The Benevolence of Burden-Bearing* *  /By Rick Boxx/*  One day during a period of some difficult changes at work, I asked an employee how she was doing. She responded that she was fine. I looked her in the eyes and said, “No. How are you really doing?” I could see from her demeanor that the upheaval at our business was taking a negative toll on her. The next morning, with tears in her eyes, this em ...Continue Reading

Monday Manna - The Mission Field – Closer than You Think

January 28th 2018

Monday Manna - Painful, Yet Redemptive Relationships

January 23rd 2018

Monday Manna - Each One of us Is "Interim"

January 14th 2018

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